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Know Benefits of Eggplant For Our Health

Know Benefits of Eggplant For Our Health - We will discuss about the benefits of eggplant, as a continuation of the discussion of the benefits of consume eggplant in the previous article. Eggplant which has the Latin name Solanum melongena, class Solanum and genus familit Solaneceae is a plant that comes from Sri Lanka, some say from India.

We must already know the benefits of eggplant, the first is as a vegetable in cooking. This eggplant plants have characteristics of white flower color to purple, prickly stems, yellow stamens and 40 -150 cm.

There are many small seeds in eggplant fruit. Seeds of eggplant fruit can be eaten, but it feels a little bit bitter. One of the plants was related to plant eggplant, that is: tobacco. Eggplant has a different fruit size and color are various.
Benefits of Eggplant For Our Health

Eggplant For Health

Eggplant has many health benefits for our bodies. Benefits eggplant is as follows:

Damage to blood vessels can be prevented.
Eggplant has benefits to reduce and overcome arterosklerosi so eggplant fruit is also known as neutralizing the damage of the arteries.

Due to this ability, the eggplant fruit can also be overcome transportation interruption of blood in the arteries and also overcome flab.

Overcoming epilepsy
The content of eggplant, which consists of skoparon, scopolamine, scopoletin and strychnine make eggplant has benefits to tackle diseases such as epileptic spasms in the nerves or nervous.

Overcoming back pain
In fact, the benefits of the eggplant has been found, and proved by the Korean people. Korean Society consuming eggplant fruit by drying, and can cope with diseases such as loin pain, rheumatism, stiff hips and so on.

It could also be for contraception and prevent cancer.
Eggplant fruit has the ability to fight cancer cells. Eggplants contain substances that fight cancer trigger, this substance called trypsin inhibitor. Eggplant is made juice can help us in repairing the damage caused by chromosomal aberrations/cancer.

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