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Treating Rheumatic with Roses

Treating rheumatic with roses | Many roads lead to Rome. Many herbs to quell rheumatic. In a previous article we discussed how to treat arthritis with a spicy red chili. Rheumatic repellent herb telling time is the rose, in addition to using aloe vera can also use the rose.

In this health consultation, Prof. Hembing summon a traditional way of treatment to suppress rheumatic by using dried roses.

Here's a more complete ingredients to make a potion.

  1. 15 grams of dried roses
  2. 10 grams of fennel
  3. 10 grams of dried mandarin orange peel
  4. 10 grams of red ginger

How to make it, all the ingredients combined, 600cc boiled in water until the remaining 300 cc. Then drink water while warm.

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