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Menu Foods To Increase Weight Loss

Menu Foods To Increase Weight Loss | The purpose is not necessarily a diet to lose weight. But there is also a diet to gain weight.

The key to diet is actually measured levels of calories consumed by the body. To lose weight, calorie intake must be limited so that the amount is not excessive. Calories are already piling up in the body must also be burned by doing regular exercise.

While weight gain, a person should consume sufficient amounts of calories. Had to get that protein intake and muscle contains not only filled with unhealthy fats.
Foods To Increase Weight Loss
As quoted from, this menu should consume to gain weight:

Menu Breakfast
The morning breakfast was a pivotal moment that should not be missed, both for those who want to lose weight or gain weight.

To gain weight, it's better to consume high-calorie foods, such as cheese, meat, eggs, fish. You also may consume the rice, porridge or bread as a source of carbohydrate.

Do not forget to add milk or fruit juice, so you can pick other nutrients to supplement the body's daily needs.

Lunch Menu
For lunch menu should be enriched with carbohydrates, such as rice, beans, potatoes, root crops, and so forth.

Do not forget to add a menu of vegetables, because you still need nutrients other than carbohydrates, calories and protein. Make sure you have a dessert menu, like a piece of fruit with mayonnaise, or with peanut butter.

Dinner Menu
Do not avoid menu carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes and other tubers. Your body still has ample scope to accommodate them all.

For menus or while enjoying the fruit salad, made cheese sauce, or add a sprinkling of cheese on it so you get extra protein in your dinner menu.

This snack can be consumed 3 hours. In it also must be rich in protein and other vitamins. For instance, biscuits, sandwiches with peanut butter, fresh fruit pieces with mayonnaise or peanut butter.

Do not forget to do lift weights to train the muscles so it's not fat that makes you fat, but the adequacy of nutrition that makes your body become more fit and features.

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