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The Action of Asthma Prevention

All health disease of asthma attacks should be prevented. Body disease asthma attacks can be prevented if the triggering factor is known and can be avoided. Body disease that is triggered by exercise can be avoided by taking medication before exercise. There are prevention efforts that can be done to prevent the disease, among others:

1. Maintain a healthy body
2. Environmental hygiene
3. Avoiding trigger asthma attacks health disease
4. Using drugs antipenyakit asthma, a disease prevention

Each patient must try to make disease prevention measures. But if the symptoms are arising are required anti-asthma drugs to overcome the symptoms of the disease and subsequently maintained for patients free from asthma symptoms.

1. Maintaining Health

Maintaining a healthy body is a business that is inseparable from asthma treatment. If the patient is weak and undernourished, not only susceptible to disease, but also means easy to get asthma attacks and its complications. Efforts to prevent this disease include a food eating good nutritional value, drinking a lot, adequate rest, recreation and sport appropriate to overcome the disease. Patients are encouraged to drink lots except where prohibited a doctor, suffering from other diseases such as heart disease or severe kidney.

2. Environmental hygiene
Environment where people with daily living greatly influenced the emergence of asthma attacks. The situation is very important as the home note. Houses should not be moist, enough ventilation and sunlight. Drainage should be smooth. The bedroom is a place that needs special attention. Bedroom should contain as little as possible items to avoid house dust. (

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