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Traditional Medicines for Gout

Uric acid is caused by uric acid content in blood pressure. Gout is uric acid attack of severe until the patient was in pain. If arthritis is pain in the bones. Uric acid metabolism are the result of one element of the protein, the substance of the castle and the kidney is the organ that regulates the stability of levels in the body and will bring the rest of uric acid into the urine drainage.

However, if uric acid levels were excessive, the kidneys will not be able to arrange it so that the surplus would accumulate in tissues and joints. Automatically, the kidneys will also be susceptible to interference. Ingredients high uric acid caused aches and pains in the supply of profound, if it is very severe, the patient can not walk.

Medicine (Select One of the ingredients below):

Concoction 1:
200 grams of red potato, cardamom 5 points, 5 points cenkeh, nutmeg 1 egg, 1 vertebra thumb cinnamon, 15 grams of red ginger, 10 grains of pepper, and brown sugar to taste boiled with 1 ½ liters of water until the remaining ½ liters. The water is drunk while warm, and sweet potatoes can be eaten. Usage: Consumption regularly 2 times a day

Concoction 2:
10 bay leaves boiled with water to 400 cc 200 cc of water left, then the water is drunk while warm.

Usage: Consumption regularly 2 times a day

Other alternatives:

1. Soursop just eaten or in juice, eat/drink every day

2. 7 pieces of bay leaves in two cups boiling water, to stay 1 cup, drink morning and evening

3. Grated squash and drink filtered water taken each day.

4. Balsamic vinegar and finished with honey mixed sizes plus one tablespoon honey 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar warm water plus/50 cc and taken for 1 week woke up this morning and reply 'go to sleep tonight

5. Raw potatoes and Malang apples in the juice.

Keep your health as well as possible. life is very precious.

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