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Benefits of Noni Fruit

Know Mengkudu/Pace

Tree 3-8 m tall with a clear main stem. Average edged leaves, yellowish green. The flowers are leaf-shaped bulbs diketiak. Fruit-berbenjol irregular bumps. Reached 5-10 cm in length. pace to grow in chalky soil height of 1.000m above sea level.

Gynecology and efficacy of Noni/mengkudu

Scopoletin, these compounds serve regulate blood pressure. When high blood pressure, help lower scopoletin. Conversely if blood pressure is low, he will raise it. In addition to antibacterial indicated, these compounds also regulate hormone serotonin, which helps reduce levels of anxiety and depression.

Morindin, this substance efficacious in improving the body's defense system. In addition to the above two substances, pace also contains gum, malate acid, citric acid, and antiseptic compounds.

Research Results

Based on the research, there are about 61 more potent compounds contained mengkudu. They work synergistically and mysterious. For example, some compounds that play an active role in the treatment of certain diseases, it does not mean only the compounds that contribute to it. But the prop is also the other compounds. That is why consuming compounds extracted one of his properties would be different than if we drank the juice mengkudu overall.

Say in treating blood pressure. Mengkudu juice can increase blood pressure for people with low blood but on the other side of the blood can lower blood pressure for hypertension. This phenomenon is not going to happen on that mengkudu fruit extract.

According to research dr. Mona Harrison of the faculty of Medicine, University of Bolton, the consumption of fruit juice will help provide megkudu hormone xeronine. Xeronine of work mengkudu contradictory. In people with high blood pressure, lowering blood pressure xeronin be normal. In people with low blood pressure, increase blood pressure mengkudu blood. In other words, mengkudu juice serves as adaptogen, balancing function of body cells.

Mengkudu fruit contradictory effects have also been studied by Y. Murati (1981) from the Faculty of Medicine Gadjah Mada University. Lemon pulp mengkudu provide very significant change in heart, namely reducing the strength of heart muscle contraction, heart rate slowing down and increasing the number of heart coronary blood flow per minute.

Preclinical tests on cats showed limb hipotensif influence, namely reducing the blood flow resistance (vasodilatation) limb blood vessels but also have a cat hipertensif effect. research by A.M. Djojosugito et al. (1975-1976) showed, in the juice mengkudu there are at least two components are opposite.

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