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How to take care your Teeth

Caring for teeth is very important to us, why not, your teeth are very sensitive things from our bodies. What if your teeth hurt? really very disturbing.

And also very easy gear holes, because a lot of leftover food instead of living due to no good in treating tooth. so, how to correct dental care? follow the following tips.

Here Tips Caring Dentistry

1. Brush your teeth, most people already understand some of these ways, the need to remember try to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, or at least after a big meal. It is also necessary in the recall are Tooth Brush dressing when it's the age of 3 - 4 months. Do not forget to brush your tongue too, because the tongue is one of a gathering place for the bacteria that causes bad breath.

2. Drinking Water After a meal, drink water after every meal, try the first White Water

3. Expand eating fibrous fruits, in addition to health, the fruit can also help to remove dirt in my teeth

4. Eat balanced, do not eat too much eat one type of food, but try to balance

5. Avoid bad habits like biting nails, sucking the bottle, opened the bottle with your teeth, etc..

6. Check Doctor Gigi into every 6 months, this goal to see the development of our teeth and gums.

Maybe it's some things we can do in caring for your teeth bright and responsible. Not expected to hurt your teeth naturally and may also be too sick to heal.

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