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Slender Tip: Eat Every 4 Hours

It turned out to have the hunger signal levels, ranging from very hungry, hungry, until a little hungry. This all became the benchmark for controlling the excessive appetite. But if we are still difficult to distinguish hunger, do not worry, use the clock as a measure.

Health experts say, usually to an empty stomach 4 hours after the last time we ate. That means, we are permitted to eat food every 4 hours. This method is even safe to apply to the middle of our diet.

If we wait until the stomach was completely empty, we will be more motivated to eat all the food presented in front of the eyes, according to Pauline Dr. Endang, MS, SpGK, head of nutrition agencies Fatmawati RSU. Not only that, when the stomach was completely empty, we become selective in choosing foods.

Research in England also proved, the number of workers who still want to chew unhealthy snacks after lunch, tend to decrease. This compared with the number of workers who are motivated snack in the afternoon. "The eating every 4 hours to maintain stable blood sugar levels, while preventing the desire to eat too much," said Kate Geagan, RD, a dietician from the United States.

So from now on, every time hunger strike before the scheduled dinner arrives, prepare a healthy snack. Thus we can hold the hunger until dinner arrived. Select a handful of unsalted nuts and fruit platter.

Two types of food rich in fiber and water so that the stomach remains full with the number of calories that are not much. But remember, do not keep snack made of cheese or dried fruit on the desk drawer or in the bag. Make sure the snacks that we keep in the desk drawer is a kind of solid food.

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