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8 Tips How to Avoid Elephant Foot Disease

Elephantiasis is a disease due to filaria worm larvae are transmitted by mosquitoes, either house mosquito, sewer, forest or swamp. Find out how to avoid it because if you've already got and feet swollen like an elephant's hard to go back to normal and endure a lifetime.

"Elephant foot disease is a disease that is very scary, because in addition to disrupt the appearance and difficult activities, patients also usually have a bad stigma from the environment," said internist, "Prof. Nelwan SpPD" in a press conference the results of investigation of filariasis cases in the building of the Department of Health Indonesia, Jakarta.

"But the public needs to know is, someone who has suffered from elephantiasis, or whose feet had swollen extraordinary, can not transmit the disease again. It is precisely those who appeared healthy and had experienced swelling, but no larvae mikrofilaria can transmit the disease to others, "said Dr Solah, epidemiologist who was also present on the occasion.

The problem is, we can never know any healthy person who is infected larvae mikrofilaria. And every day the mosquitoes hanging around us. Therefore, the person best advised to avoid mosquito bites everywhere.

Meanwhile, experts parasitology "Prof. Saleha Sungkar, MD, DAP & E, MS" saying that the cause of elephantiasis is not itself a filaria worm larvae, but the child's filaria worm, called mikrofilaria larvae.

To find out if someone has it or not the larvae, the larvae examination should be done in the body. However, larvae can be detected only at night, because mikrofilaria only go out at night alone. "So, if you want the test to night, between dusk to dawn," he explained.

According to Prof. Saleha, worms that live in the human body is like a parasite. "They were just passengers, did not intend to kill. But with their presence in the body, the body's metabolism so disturbed, "he said.

If the worm filaria, the larvae mikrofilaria carried by mosquitoes will clog vessels and lymph nodes that can not flow to all parts of the body smoothly. As a result, there was swelling of organs, such as the arms, legs or genitals.

Someone who is infected larvae 10-14 days mikrofilaria submarines are those most at risk for disease transmission engine elephantiasis. "They still look normal and asymptomatic. So the only way to prevent transmission is to decide to use the drug distribution chain. This will be easier than killing a mosquito carrying the number of larvae was very much, "said Saleha.

In the early stages, usually the patient will experience a recurrent fever, a painful lump in the groin or armpits, and palpable as a cord vein red and sore from the groin or armpit. Whereas the advanced stage (chronic) will occur intermittent enlargement of the feet, hands, pocket balls, breasts and female genitalia.

"If the lump is pressed but back again, it still can be treated and cured completely. But if it is very severe surgery, but it was only to improve appearance only, can not return to its normal shape, "said Saleha.

Therefore, the use of drugs Carbamazine Diethyl Citrate (DEC) and Albendazole to prevent the spread of larvae mikrofilaria highly recommended, especially in an area that has reached endemic levels. "Called the endemic areas if the level reaches 1 percent spread. So we decided to do a mass treatment in the "Bandung" because of its endemic level is 2 percent, "explained Director General PP & PL, Prof. Tjandra Yoga.

Consumption of drugs should be done continuously for one year, if it is 5 years new worm really dead. Although there are side effects after taking the drug, but the effect it will disappear within 3-4 days. "Better to suffer than 3 days to suffer for life because of the disease," said Saleha.

There are several places that could become mosquito nest transmission of the forest elephant feet, water plants, sewer/water lines, marshes, mangrove forests and paddy fields.

To be safe from mosquito bites cause elephantiasis, prevent it by:

1. Sleep using mosquito nets
2. Vents (ventilation) home screen closed smooth
3. Install mosquito
4. Liniment put on anti-mosquito
5. Cleaning places brood of mosquitoes
6. Conduct spraying to kill adult mosquitoes
7. Following the filariasis mass treatment programs in health
8. Checking himself into the clinic or doctor if a neighbor or family affected by filariasis

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