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Steak Gindara, Healthy Without Salt

Salt was instrumental in bringing in any food palatability. In the body, salt is needed to regulate the fluid in the body cells, also regulate the degree of acidity in the blood. However, the body requires only small quantities of salt and limited. Salt naturally already available in almost all foods, especially in vegetables, fruits and sea food. High salt content in the body can lead to various health problems, such as hypertension or high blood pressure which may result in the emergence of a heart attack.

Here's one recipe for a delicious meal still guaranteed, but cooked without salt. Good luck!


For 2 Serves

(preparation time: 15 minutes)
Water 2 tsp grated ginger
1 tsp garlic parut
1/2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp sesame oil
2 slices (@ 200 g) fillet gindara/Snapper
1 tablespoon olive oil

How to make:
(cooking time: 10 minutes)
1. Mix the ginger water, garlic, lemon juice, and sesame oil (for marinade). Mix well.
2. Marinate the fish with marinade. Let stand for 15 minutes.
3. Heat a heavy skillet (grill pan), add the olive oil. Grilled fish with basting occasionally until cooked flavor. Turn, brown fish. Lift.
4. Serve steak with salad gindara.

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