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Abon Daging Sapi - food recipe

Who likes Abon Sapi? This menu can be a favorite because it tastes delicious. Also can be stored for a long time, so practical when needed.


- 1 Kg of beef good

- 1 coconut (coconut milk is thick take approximately 1 cup)


- 4 cloves garlic

- 2 tablespoons cilantro

- Brown sugar to taste (adjust to desired sweetness)

- Bay leaf

- Galangal

- Salt

How to Make:

- Boiled meat with salt, bay leaves and galangal

- After the meat tender and then in thin slices, then the hit with the bat until the bruise

- Meat that has been bruised beaten, then in finely chopped.

- Blend the seasonings: garlic, coriander, brown sugar and a pinch of salt

- Heat the coconut milk, then enter the meat and the spice paste, stirring, stirring constantly until the coconut milk and meat abon dry out, at the time of stirring after the dry, should be in the back and forth in order not abon not burn.

- Create abon be completely dry in order to be durable.

- If you are intending to make Abon Sapi with slightly spicy flavor, you can put a little chili powder on the dried abon then mix evenly.

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