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Herbal Medicine be Alternative Medicine

Cipanas - Treatment with drugs formulated from plant will continue to be improved through plant cultivation and research in that field, so that the community has an alternative in the health care process.

Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Herbal Doctor, dr. Pranata Hardhi Sp.S.MARS said that when First Lady Ani Yudhoyono accompanied reviewing herbal garden at the Palace Cipanas, Cianjur, Monday (5/4) morning.

"Later the patient is expected to have the option of using an herbal treatment that can be integrated with chemical based drugs. In the PRC already had," said Hardhi Pranata.

"Empirically, herbal medicine used by people hundreds of years. We've passed the 18 herbs that standard clinical trials, five species are still the process. President (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, ed) want to have accelerated. It requires a synergy between the Ministry of Health, Agency for Drug and Food Control, Ministry of Agriculture, and others, "he said.

He added in the near future to improve the competence of physicians in the use of medicines made from herbs, will be inaugurated master study program of herbal medicine at the University of Indonesia.

According Hardhi, steps to develop the herbal garden, departing from the recommendation of Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih on January 6, 2010 that encouraged doctors to use herbal medicine in treatment.

Pilot Center

According to Head of Medicinal Study Center, Bogor Agricultural University Dr. K Latifah Darusman, Parks Herbalia Cipanas Palace will be developed as a pilot center for the development of drug plants, one of which enhance the collection of 207 species into 470 kinds in the future.

"We think this trend later. Herbs is multi-compound and could complement each other for treatment, both regenerative diseases such as cancer and also to maintain health. This could be to improve health promotive, preventive, are also present, as well as curative course," asserted Hardhi.

He explained that in Europe or in the United States, the trend of using plants as medicines compounded materials continues to rise. There's even a cure for cancer that uses overseas production of ginger materials from Indonesia. However, still many people in the country who do not know about it.

Increased use of potential as a medicinal plant in Indonesia, he said, require cooperation and understanding of all parties for their potential in the country.

First Lady Ani Yudhoyono, accompanied by members of the Solidarity members of United Indonesian Cabinet Wives (SIKIB) review Herbalia Park at the Cipanas Palace.****

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