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Breadfruit as a food alternative, instead of rice


Breadfruit is an alternative food crop in Indonesia since 1920, which at first was not widely grown crop of people, but it is now quite popular because it can make a variety of diverse foods made from breadfruit for example: fried breadfruit, breadfruit getuk, compote breadfruit, breadfruit cake, noodles breadfruit, breadfruit klepon, dodol breadfruit, breadfruit balls, breadfruit and raw materials apem Pek empek maker (special food Palembang) and others. Because with breadfruit flour made food so this show is very beneficial for human life.

Now this was much sought breadfruit seedlings to plant communities, because their power is relatively easy cultivation, fruit production is good and beneficial fruit can be consumed for a variety of food and fruit prices are favorable and there are many other advantages that make the public appeal because of breadfruit can make alternative meals instead of rice. Therefore Breadfruit plant uses a lot of the benefits mentioned above are in such areas of Cilacap, known as breadfruit production centers in Indonesia, which according to his upcoming history of Bawean breadfruit.

It was only in 1983 by the "Department of Agriculture Cilacap District" began to popularize the breadfruit plants, and the famous bald breadfruit breadfruit as a prima donna national is the main crop that was developed to other areas. At the breadfruit bald finally managed to lift the name of Cilacap, so no wonder if the local government to make breadfruit Cilacap bald as a mascot for the region.


At the age of 4 years after planting, usually the breadfruit tree has produced fruit. Fruit production in the first place is still small and many fruits that fall off when she was young. But it increases fruit production in line with the growth of plant age. Breadfruit fruit ready to harvest is a parent or nearly ripe. Young breadfruit harvested inappropriate because the fruit flavor is not bad, still a little bitter and less fluffy texture on the tongue. Characteristics of parents ready to harvest breadfruit is as follows:
• The skin of fruit which was originally a rough becomes smooth, especially for this kind of breadfruit bald.
• The color of the skin, initially bright green fruit is now changed to yellowish green. An old yellow fruit is not consumed too bad because it was too ripe.
• Fruit old breadfruit appears to be solid but tend to be somewhat soft when pressed, when fruits are young tend to still hard.

Harvest time.

Breadfruit harvest generally occurs twice a year. In a situation of uncertain climate, especially during drought season hujandan irregular breadfruit still easily found in the market throughout the year. Breadfruit harvested by plucking or penjolokan. Harvesting is generally carried out on an easy climb trees, penjolokan generally carried out on tree branches that have high or too small, so difficult to climb or reach.

Breadfruit Processed Products.

As an alternative food, breadfruit currently in use for consumption is very diverse, from simple, such as boiled or fried until made into a variety of snack cakes because it is made before the finished cake. Several competitions are held to make a meal of breadfruit recipes will help create a variety of delicious food. The more processed foods or products that can be made from the breadfruit breadfruit make consumers more and more searchable.

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