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Eye Diseases Cure in Infants

Cure Eye Diseases in baby's eyes based on my personal experiences during the child (my first child) aged 5 days, then little hard to open his eyes when waking from sleep and the sound of her crying made me uneasy. after I check and see it because his eyes were red and watery eyes of a lot of shit around the eyelids, which causes him to cry.

that time I had time to panic, understand that their first child, but my mother wisely and to calm my dear mother told me, eye diseases drug that according to experience, when our parenting as a child, is to shed a little breast milk into the eyes of the child.

Alhamdulillah after the way it was done gradually eye diseases disappeared and our kids did not cry anymore when he opened his eyes when I wake to sleep and sore eyes were missing.

For that to know is the eye disease symptoms of your child. because the eye disease symptoms is very important to your baby.

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