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How to Detect Malnutrition in children under five years

Children are a trust from Allah that not priceless. The mandate requires us to make them as children who Salih. To realize there are several factors that must be met, including providing sufficient and good nutrition to children so they can grow with the perfect, healthy and smart. That way, it will make them readily established to deepen the religious sciences of Allah. do not care about us on the nutrition of children, would create a state of nutrition they get worse.

Lately, many children who experience malnutrition situation in some places. In fact, found no cases of child mortality because of malnutrition problems less attention. Malnourished children under five conditions is extremely unfortunate. Therefore, growth and development as well as his intelligence is affected by nutrition. Malnutrition conditions are not necessarily associated with poverty and the unwillingness of food, while not denying poverty and laziness is a factor that often become the cause of malnutrition in children.

In addition, parenting factors are also decisive. Children are cared for by his own mother with a loving, high awareness of the importance of nutrition and breastfeeding, and always pay attention to health-especially educated; the child will not suffer bad nutrition. While there is a phenomenon that currently, most children are separated far away from a busy mother with solid reasons. Then they handed the child to the person caring less attention to nutrition and health of children. If such a situation, it is likely the child will experience poor nutrition. Therefore, the parents, especially mothers, should still pay attention to nutrition and health of children in the middle of their busy day-to-day activities, as well as good exercise for them.

Definition of Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a condition in which someone stated the lack of nutrients, or with another expression under the nutritional status of average standard. Nutrition is able to form proteins, carbohydrates and calories. In Indonesia, cases of PEM (Protein Energy Malnutrition) is one of the major nutritional problem encountered in many toddlers.

Indications Malnutrition

For mild and moderate PEM, clinical symptoms can be found in children is a condition of the body that looks thin. While the clinical symptoms of severe PEM/malnutrition can be divided roughly into three types: marasmus, kwashiorkor and marasmic-kwashiorkor.

Kwashiorkor has the characteristics:
1) edema (swelling), generally throughout the body (especially the back legs and face) rounded and humid
2) Glazed eyes
3) thin reddish hair like the hair color of corn and easily removed painlessly and easily fall off
4) mental status changes become apathetic and fussy
5) enlargement of the liver occurs
6) muscle decreases (hipotrofi), more apparent when examined in the standing or sitting position
7) there is disorder in the form of patches of pink skin that extends and turns brown-black and then peel (crazy pavement dermatosis)
8) is often accompanied by an acute infectious disease that usually
9), anemia and diarrhea

While the characteristics of marasmus are as follows:
1) appears very thin body like bones wrapped in skin only
2) a face like an old man
3) easy crying/whiny and fussy
4) the skin becomes wrinkled
5) subcutis fat tissue is very little to none (channel baggy/loose pants)
6) concave stomach, and ribs xylophone
7) seringdisertai infectious diseases (mostly chronic recurrent)
8) chronic diarrhea or constipation (constipation)

The marasmic-kwashiorkor have combined features from several clinical symptoms of marasmus kwashiorkor, and accompanied by edema that is not flashy.[by : drh. Sarmin, MP dan Dr. Fitri Rachmayanti]

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