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Anthrax Disease Treatment

Health - Because of anthrax in livestock is very contagious and often fatal, disease control is based on an initial treatment may be accompanied by ways of strict control.

For treatment of pain in animals given an injection of anti-serum with curative dose of 100 ¡| 150 ml for large animals and 50 ¡| 100 ml for small animals. Injections of homologous antiserum is IV or SC, while the heterologous SC, if necessary injection treatment may be repeated sufficiently. Earlier use of serum was held after the symptoms arise, are more likely to obtain good results. Sick or suspect animals are companion/bunch with sick animals were given injections of prevention with antisera (see V 2.). Passive immunity arose instantly, but lasts no longer than two weeks.

Provision of antisera for medicinal purposes can be combined with antibiotics. If antisera are not available, can be tried with these drugs below.

Early-stage anthrax in horses and cows can be treated with procain penicilin G dissolved in sterile distilled water with the dose for large animals: 6000 ¡| 20 000 IU/kg BW, IM, every day.

Streptomycin as much as 10 grams (for large animals weighing 400 ¡| 600 kg) per day given in two doses given intramuscularly is considered more effective than penicillin. Other antibiotics that can be used include: chloramphanicol, erythromycin, or sulfonamine (sulfamethazine, sulfanilamide, sulfapyridine, sulfathiazol), but the drugs are less potent than that of penicillin or tetracycline.

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