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Vaccine Duo-Action Destroyer Anthrax Found

Reuters Health reported that a group of scientists from Boston managed to make a duo-action anthrax vaccine that simultaneously able to protect the body from the two attacks: the bacteria that cause anthrax (Bacillus anhtracis) and poison attacks generated by it.

As we know, the anthrax disease is caused by the uncontrolled multiplication of the bacillus anthracis and exit at the same poison. "The uniqueness of our vaccine is that it can attack the causes of the two components of the anthrax disease," said Dr.Julia A. Wang of Brigham and Women's Hospital. Meanwhile, continued Dr.Julia, vaccines that are currently only able to attack the venom that comes out.

A component called poly-gamma-D-glutamic acid, or PGA was helping the bacillus anthracis to multiply in our body by forming a protective capsule around the bacteria. For what? apparently to avoid detection by our immune system. And when he spread, he took out the poison from the "body".

To develop the vaccine they want, the Boston scientists combine the PGA to a basic component of anthrax toxins, known as the protective agent or PA, which became the target of many of the vaccines currently in circulation.

In experiments with mice that had been immunized with the latest vaccine, which was reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences edition of September 1, we see the formation of high levels of serum antibodies against the body of rats for both components is dangerous, 'bacillus anthracis' and' poison '.

Antibodies that attack the PGA, where according to the report described as "an effort to dismantle the protective capsule basil and then kill him", while for the PA, a mouse antibody attempt "to neutralize toxins and protect the activity of rats in a way against the deadly anthrax toxin."

Because of that, 'Wang' dare say that his team created a vaccine that could clean up anthrax bacteria.

According to the researchers, the vaccine is a combination of antibacterial (eg, prophylactic) and antitoksik (eg therapeutic) and the combination is placed in a single vaccine.

With the discovery of this vaccine, expected to bring a bright hope in the fight against infectious diseases.

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