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Carrot Juice for Health

Health Food Nutrition - During the time known as the carrot that can also make vegetable juice. Carrot juice has many benefits for us for an early age. In addition, carrot juice also have various health benefits.

Yellow/orange from carotene content of carrots showed. Carrot juice has an effect on health. Drinking carrot juice is also good for liver cleansing effect with vitamin A content contained in these vegetables. Vitamin A reduces bile and fat in the liver.

In carrots also contain vitamin E, which helps prevent cancer. Carrot juice mixed with milk is also an ideal vitamin A for infants. Carrot juice is also suitable mixed with other fruit juice. Disturbance ill in old age can also be ameliorated by any routine drinking carrot juice every day.

Drink carrot juice is also good for pregnant women. Beta carotene content in this fruit is also anti-oxidants, which is good for prospective mothers and their babies. Also anti-oxidants also help slow the aging process. Another fruit is a berry rich in anti-oxidants. Second in the juice of this fruit can be together or separately.

Tips Benefits of Carrot Juice

1. Carrot juice is useful as an anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) and refreshes the skin.
2. Carrot juice can help prevent cancer
3. Carrot juice help fade spots on the skin
4. Carrot juice consumed each day able to overcome the rough spots and skin pigmentation.

Maybe for some people felt uncomfortable carrot juice, but for the sake of health and see the benefits it could not hurt to try. Good luck! (KPL/actress).

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