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Prevent Stroke with Dates

Health Food Nutrition - Less than complete it if the month of fasting, not eating dates during Ramadan. If the fruits usually contain low-energy and calories, it is not the case with dates. With high carbohydrate content, dates to the high energy source as well. Even the highest among all other fruits. That's why palm is suitable to restore energy after a day of fasting. For someone who has enough to eat dates at meal time will become resistant fresh and hungry, because food is also rich in fibers.

Dates fruitcan be eaten directly on the dry or fresh. Dates can also be used for a wide variety of dishes such as bakery products, candies, ice cream, and syrup. In Middle Eastern countries, dates are usually in the consumption of dairy products together. The following is the content of date palm fruit useful to health:

1. Containing high potassium (100 g dried dates: 666 mg of potassium) so nutritious reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Potassium is a mineral that is important to smooth the blood vessels, making the heart beat becomes irregular, activating muscle contractions, as well as stabilize blood pressure.

2. Containing high salicylate (dry dates), ie substances that are used as raw materials of aspirin (a reduction of drug/pain relievers and fever). Salicylates are to prevent blood clotting, anti-inflammatory, and pain relievers. Regular low-dose aspirin (less than or half the usual doses taken per day) can help prevent headaches, up to a heart attack and stroke. According Nurfi AFRIANSYAH, Staff Researcher, Research Center for Nutrition Nutrition IEC Bogor, salicylate can also affect prostaglandins, namely the group of fatty acids that stimulate hydroxide smooth muscle contraction and lowers blood pressure.

3. Containing carbohydrate or high sugar. Carb content ranges from 60% in soft dates (which are harvested while still soft and raw) to around 70% on dry dates (which dries up in the trees the sun). 100 gr palm-able to supply 230 kcal (960 kJ) energy. According to dr. Anwar El Multi from Egypt, dates contain 70% sugars and not harmful to health. Most varieties of date palm contain sugar glucose (a type of sugar in the blood) or fructose (the type of sugar in most fruits), this substance is easily digested and burned by the body to produce high power without the body make it difficult to process, digest and make it as a nutrient good. A glass of water containing glucose, according to Dr. David Conning, Director of the British Nutrition Foundation, will be absorbed within 20-30 minutes. While the sugar contained in the new palm-up absorbed within 45-60 minutes.

4. Contains various vitamins and essential nutrients. In every 100 grams of dried dates contained 50 IU vitamin A; 0.4 mg vitamin C; 0.09 mg Thiamin: 0.10 mg Riboflavin, 2.20 mg of Niacin, nicotinic acid and iron. Nutrients that helps release energy, keeping the skin and nerves to stay healthy, and important for cardiac function.

5. Contains many important minerals, like magnesium, potassium and calcium. Dates also contain a kind of hormone potuchsin can shrink blood vessels in the uterus, so that it can prevent the occurrence of uterine bleeding.

6. Low fat content, only 0.4 grams of fat per 100 grams of dates.

By simply eating one extra portion of potassium-rich foods at least 400 mg / day then the risk of fatal stroke can be lowered to 40%. Minimum limit of 400 mg / day are easily met by simply eating dried dates at least about 65 grams, or the equivalent of five-point dates.[]

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