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HEALTHY LIVING to Get Fit: Nutrition Experts Answer from Anne-Marie Roy

Healthy life - Hello viewers are passionate and good-bye again in another episode of Healthy Living. Every day more and more people are interested in vegetarian and vegan diet to a peaceful and healthy. Those who are new or are considering implementing this lifestyle may have questions about nutritional needs for the body.

One expert who can explain about this case is a nutrition expert who runs a vegan diet Anne-Marie Roy, a graduate of Laval University in Quebec, Canada, and one assistant cook book author best-selling "Vegetarian, not vegetables." Which presents a lot of vegetarian recipes delicious.

Because of its expertise in the field of nutrition, Mrs. Roy was appointed as one of the official spokesperson of the Expo Eating and Living Well with Green) in 2009 in Montreal and Quebec City, which showcase the latest trend in nutrition, organic foods and healthy lifestyles. Now let us join with Supreme Master Television correspondent and Mrs. Roy.

SupremeMasterTV (P): Well, we're happy to be with you because you are a real ambassador, I say, in the case of vegetarianism. You are invited to almost all activities related to vegetarianism in Quebec, and we are very proud that you could be with us today to answer all our questions.

MC: First of all we asked Mrs. Roy about the common misunderstanding that occurred in those who are unfamiliar with vegetarian and vegan diet.

Anne-Marie (P): I can say that one of the important elements that make people reluctant to leave the meat is their fear of malnutrition.

I personally believe that many women are forced herself to keep eating meat. I think the women were more ready to become a vegetarian, perhaps because they are more sensitive, I do not know.

If they know that they will not iron deficiency, that they will not malnourished, I think there will be more of them will become a vegetarian. I say this at any time, that there is a big shortage among the vegetarians, namely the lack of disease. Vegetarians, it proved, if you look at all the research that has been done, vegetarians are healthier than non-vegetarians.

If we look at cancer, vegetarians have a risk of developing cancer is much lower if it was hormone-dependent cancers, breast cancer, prostate, colon cancer or any cancer type.

Heart disease is also not suffered by the vegetarians, in general, not many are overweight, fewer problems with the kidneys and intestines.

Its vegetarian very good health. If we look at epidemiological studies around the world, most people in the country has very little to eat meat or do not even eat meat at all, they are much more healthy.

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