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Vegetable foods that are not in though is the Best

Australian Medical Expert Robyn Chuter - Healthy Living will feature medical experts from Australia and a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society: Robyn Chuter will discuss why we all need to follow a healthy vegan diet.

Since starting medical practice in 1995, Ms Chuter has helped many people recover from chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and pain to migraines.

She also became an adviser and an experienced practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique therapy (EFT), which was said by Ms Chuter is a practical and effective ways to help clients cope with emotional pain. We begin with research about the myth of Mrs. Chuter that humans are omnivores.

Ms Chuter: Human beings are usually classified as omnivores, but really there are interesting differences between us and true omnivores.

So, carnivores and omnivores produce an enzyme called urikase. And uric acid urikase break. Well uric acid is a byproduct of protein digestion. Humans do not produce urikase, that's why people suffer from gout. Men are more easily subject to rheumatism, especially if they eat too much protein and it's just simply because we are not designed to handle the numerous uric acid. We can not parse it. He piled up; causing much danger. We should not eat food that is not for us.

MC: What other myths that want to be removed by Ms Chuter?

Ms Chuter: Very surprising! Medical and health professionals continue to spread the same misconceptions that have long proven true, is written in the medical and scientific journals, but they still kept saying, "You will not have enough protein to a vegan diet" to people.

Plants to make proteins. But animals can not make proteins. Animals must eat plants to get their protein. All plants contain protein. Particularly green leafy vegetables that have high protein. Legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, all of these foods containing protein.

However, the interesting thing is that we actually only get 25% of protein needs of our food every day. 75% of protein needs of our other recycling proteins are filled with our own bodies.

How economic what happens in our body! We recycle our digestive juices are high in protein, and we actually recycle the intestinal cells to peel. We describe them and use amino acids to build new cells and other things using proteins.

So, we do not need that much protein. And vegetable diet with a good variety of healthy foods can successfully meet your protein needs, it was impossible not to succeed.

MC: Not much to say, "Food is medicine." Scientific studies have been countless shows that a vegan diet can protect us or even reverse many chronic diseases.

Ms Chuter: There is strong evidence that shook the scientific literature, where vegetable diet that does not cook helps prevent heart disease and can actually reverse heart disease, even in people who have an acute arterial obstruction conditions.

She helps prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes, many conditions such as auto-immune colitis, lupus, and arthritis. A diet that is not cooked vegetable also helps protect many common cancers, the most common in Australia such as breast cancer, prostate, and colon.

Another important thing is if someone already has cancer and then apply vegetable diet that is not cooked so it can maximize their opportunities for healing and to protect the reemergence of their cancer.

MC: What other health conditions that could be prevented by following a diet free of animal products?

Ms Chuter: On a more mundane level, or perhaps every day, has proved that far fewer vegans are overweight or obese when eating it by itself can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. And eating patterns that are not cooked vegetable also helps overcome the problem of menstruation and PMS.

And that's good for anyone who has experienced constipation. If you adopt a vegan diet, it will not be a problem for you. Really, it's just the tip of the iceberg floating, but they are a major I can think of right now.

MC: Scientific research also revealed that eating meat causes excess iron in the body of man.

Ms Chuter: Like iron, there are a lot of iron in plant foods. Your doctor will tell you that the iron from red meat is better because it is the absorption of heme iron. In other words it is the iron in the blood. The problem is that inhibit heme iron normal controls used by our intestines to absorb iron. So you can not filter the intestine excess heme iron. And people who eat meat, especially red meat, often end up with too much iron. And excess iron is a very dangerous condition. It increases your risk of heart attacks and many different types of cancer.

But if you lead a vegetable diet then it will be sufficient, just as perfect, abundant iron in these foods. And, of course, many plants contain substances that actually increase the absorption of iron, such as vitamin C and citric acid.

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