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1001 benefits of soy milk

Soy milk started to increase prestige. First, we recognize processed soybeans as household products. The packaging, just wrapped in plastic, and hawkers peddled by price 500 - Rp.1.000/pack.

But, now, this vegetable milk has been available in supermarkets and hypermarkets storefront. Packaged in glass bottles, selling prices of manufactured soy milk three to four times the circumference of soy milk. Later, this bottled soy milk producers are also quite intensively promote their products on the screen.

The entry of big investors into the business of soybean milk showed the prospects of this business. Understandably, in order to avoid the cholesterol and obesity, the person turns away from cows milk to the dairy plant.

Not only the promised gains, soy milk also contains a myriad of benefits. He is a choice of vegetarian or dieters. "For those who want to diet, a good soy milk because it contains lecithin," so it is with soy milk from Melilea.

Dus, soy milk will supply the nutritional needs of vegetarians and dieters. Soy milk is one of the best vegetable sources of protein. "Protein function for the growth of the body, maintain health and stamina, and replace cells damaged or old," said Rachmawati, food expert

Sahid University, Jakarta.

Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to drink soy milk. One of them, as most soy milk on the market smells unpleasant alias. Some were even told me, it felt good. However for soy milk tastes better than Melilea and savory, there is no unpleasant taste.

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