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Baby Health - Not All Ice Making Child Flu

Baby Health - IN times of growth, digestion of children are still so vulnerable to all sorts of diseases. No wonder if parents gave great attention on this issue. Moreover, food and health affect children's growth. However, Moms can control their food consumption over 24 hours?

The terms "pocket" very closely with the daily life of children, especially when entering school. It is understandable because many spent their time at school. The mothers worried because the snacks are not necessarily clean and does not necessarily provide benefits. No wonder if the snacks are not identical with something nutritious.

Based on a survey conducted VitaCharm team, the ice became one of the three most preferred snack kids. According to the kids, ice, fun, cool and sweet. Unfortunately, the ice is feared the mother as the most unhealthy snacks.

Moms must have been worried if the little sick after consuming ice. Moms in mind, the ice can make a cough, cold, and ice that is not clean can cause diarrhea. That opinion is not entirely wrong, but there are still things that could be a consideration.

"In medicine, there is no correlation between the flu by eating ice. Eating ice it is okay, as far as what is contained in the ice beneficial for children, such as ice snacks made from milk. Milk contains calcium to support bone growth in children. Better still if the ice snacks to benefit the digestive children. Because at the age of the children, digestion is still not perfect or immature, "said clinical nutritionist, Dr. Ida Gunawan, MS SpGK on the talk show" Ice = Not Healthy snacks? "At Seaworld, Ancol, Jakarta, recently.

About the proper ice snacks consumed the children, Dr. Ida explained that the ice must be manufactured with hygienic production standards. Because of something that could lead to disruption of unhygienic child's digestive system, so it will interfere with the function of other organs.

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