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Drinking 'Fruit Juice' trigger Diabetes?

IN developing countries, the number of diabetes have increased singnifikan. No wonder, if Indonesia as one of the developing countries also have a number of diabetes patients is quite high.

"Diabetes is a killer disease of blood. Once suffering from diabetes, blood vessel disease can hit anywhere. Small blood vessels of the most widely exist in the kidney and eyes," said Dr Antono Sutandar, Sp.JP, FACC, FSCAI, FAMS, FIHA in media forum event held at Le Seminyak Siloam Hospitals, Pacific Place, Jakarta, Thursday (06/24/2010).

Dr Antono revealed, one compared to three Indonesian men have pre-diabetes. While for in America, people who develop pre-diabetes reaches 40 to 50 cent of the population. The cause of the spread of diabetes, one of them comes from food. It can not be denied, that the Indonesian tongue closely related to sweet-based foods and flour-based, which such a diet is the largest supplier of body vulnerable to diabetes. In addition, eating habits than eating the fruit juice can instantly become one of the triggers of diabetes attack us.

"And, that damage the market is fruit juice. When we eat the fruit, which in our stomach juices. When the stomach in the juice, he's already wasted calories 20 to 40 calories made for juice. Whereas if fruit juice, our stomachs are not stable," explained Dr Antono.

In fact, by eating the fruit of it directly, then the body will produce insulin is lower. What article?

"Carbohydrates in fruit it will release slowly. So the sugar into the blood will slowly enter. When he went into the blood, the body needs insulin production. When the body of the production of insulin, blood sugar down. But it was how much insulin needs fast food on the absorption in the body. eating fruit juices, insulin requirements are higher than eating the fruit, 'explains Dr. Antono.

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder caused by deficiency of insulin or a decrease in the sensitivity of the insulin receptor. Insulin itself is a kind of anabolic hormones produced by beta cells in pancreatic islets. So what to do with the habit of eating sweet foods (including sugar) and flour-based foods?

"The more we eat carbohydrates that have been processed, the higher the need for insulin. Until one day the body can not produce more insulin. It occurs when diabetes. When insulin levels are already rising, and can not produce more, then the occurrence of diabetes," Dr Antono demolished. (NSA)[okezone]

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