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Early Detection of Autism Symptoms

CAUSE of autism is still a mystery. However, parents should be able to recognize the symptoms of autism in children. Early detection can provide the best results for the development of children with autism.

Until now there has been no single party knows with certainty regarding the causes of autism that occur in children. Many of the issues that developing the cause of this disease and can not be proved true. Nevertheless, it does not mean parents can only stand idly by waiting for children to grow up until they found the boy is one among patients with autism.

Early Detection of Autism Symptoms

According to Child Neurologists Dr. Hardiono Pusponegoro SpA (K), the war is very important parents in an effort to detect early symptoms of autism in children. "Parents should be alert when in the early growth of infants began to show symptoms of autism," said Hardiono in the event "Autism Now" on FX Lifestyle Center, recently.

There are several symptoms of disorders in infants in the early years of their lives. Among these there is no babbling, pointing with a finger can not, or look less at the age of 12 months. Entering the age of 16 months, the children took out the words that are not meaningful, in contrast with other children as their age. Then at the age of 24 months, children austis usually not able to say a sentence consisting of two words that can be understood. Meanwhile, in every age, autistic children lose the ability to speak or social skills.

"These symptoms are danger signs (red flags) which provide information to parents that the child is likely suffering from autism," said Hardiono again. To ensure this, there are several actions that need to be done. The first step is the screening instruments assessed without further able to detect symptoms of autistic children. Screening can be done by parents, educators, and experts. Next, diagnosis by a psychologist and continued with the assessment that can be managed by doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and teachers.

If the diagnosis proves the child develops symptoms of autism such as behavioral disorders, interaction, and communication, then the therapy should be done immediately. Behavioral disturbances in children with autism such as hyperactivity, tantrums, biting, pulling, damage, up to masturbation.

While disorders such interactions do not make eye contact, do not play with peers, does not share the excitement, and a lack of reciprocal social interaction. The communication disorders vary widely, ranging from delays to talk, not talking, impaired quality of talk or talk not long, the repetition of words or sentences, so to speak which can not be understood.

Providing appropriate treatment and education will improve the autistic child. "The longer I work with patients with autism, the more I am convinced that most patients do not need drugs. Rather good therapy and education, "added Hardiono. Drug therapy is given only if the child behaves like maladaptif aggressive, repetitive, self harm, sleep disorder or hyperactivity, or have other concomitant diseases for example epilepsy and seizures.

If positive children were detected suffering from autism, Hardiono explained, the need for therapy to help fit the needs of children. "As the integration therapy, floor time, behavior therapy and involves parents and appropriate education to help children cope with the situation in itself according to age," he said.

Children Education Specialists, Prof. Dr. Eric Lim, also stressed the importance of early intervention. This is an effort to prepare a special assistance program.
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