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Education for Autistic Children

Health news - IN fact, autistic children who had undergone therapy can not be directly incorporated into the school in general. Indeed, some autistic children who can attend a conventional school, but not a few that require special needs school.

So, it needs a combination of therapy and proper education, so children with special needs are able to grow and learn according to their ability and circumstances. Special education system was established for children with special needs with therapies, medical, and education are a big change to their development.

The problem, a school for behavioral disorders, like autism, is still rarely found. Answering this need, Clinics Anakku and institute Kits4kids special education, develop an educational therapy for children with behavioral disorders.

"At Anakku Kits4Kids, children are given an effective therapy and education such as building communication, cognition, exercise, language, touch and massage, music therapy and instruments to match, with the age and ability levels," said the child's education expert, Prof Eric Lim.

Special needs education programs involving affection, behavior, and cognition of children. The results will be evaluated within a certain time to see the children's progress.
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