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Healthy Diet - Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day

Healthy diet - We know that fruits and vegetables are good for our body, because fruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber which is needed in the process of metabolism. I was so healthy is to consume fruits and vegetables, to the extent we are encouraged to consume fruit and vegetable menu as much as five servings a day: two servings of fruit and vegetables as much as three servings. Eating fruits and vegetables to five servings a day is a naturally healthy diet.

Consuming fruits and vegetables every day is a new thing for me. The reason I and probably many other reasons, is because I do not like fruit much less vegetables. Even if there are pieces that I like, usually quite expensive price. Vegetables? During the dinner table there is meat or fish, I will not touch vegetables. That was my first.

The desire to be slim (after 3 pregnancies in the last four years to increase my weight to 15 kg) made me look at fruits and vegetables. September 2008 is the 6th month I run a healthy diet, and vegetables are the main menu in my diet. At first, I could not enjoy the vegetables I eat. Day by day, week and month to change weeks turned into months, I do not know since when exactly, I'm starting to like the taste of vegetables. Now I can enjoy various kinds of vegetables, lunch menu or dinner, and I do not feel forced to again spend one plate of vegetables without white rice.

So also with fruit, a platter of fresh fruit I used to enjoy as a snack replacement. In fact now it seems strange if the day does not consume the fruit. So my experience in running a healthy diet which so far has managed to reduce my weight as much as 9 kg over six months.

My favorite fruit to accompany me to a healthy diet is the apple, watermelon, and pineapple. While my favorite vegetables in a healthy diet are cabbage, broccoli, and sprouts. By eating five servings of fruits and vegetables in a healthy diet, I do not feel hungry and tormented. My weight went down slowly but surely.

Benefits of Consuming five servings of fruits and vegetables.

1. Protected from various diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and digestive disorders.

Surveys in the United states that the risk of cardiovascular disease

can be reduced if you consume more than three servings of fruits and vegetables. World Cancer Research Agency also estimates the risk of contracting any type of cancer can be reduced up to 20% by eating up to five or more servings of fruits and vegetables. Studies also show high-fiber foods help us to avoid diabetes and colon cancer. Further argued that this type of cancer is very rarely found in countries that their traditional diet consisted mainly of serelia foods, fruits and vegetables.

2. Overweight away by itself.

This is because fruits and vegetables have a relatively low calorie content. Fruit and vegetables are fat-free foods, even if the fat is fat is good for our health. By consuming more vegetables and fruit every day there is a decrease in calorie intake causes the body to burn fat calories in our bodies when we spend more than the calories the food intake.

3. Weight control.

High in fiber than five servings of fruits and vegetables cause us to feel full so we do not eat high-calorie snacks and we even weight control.

4. Bowel movement smoothly every day.

The high fiber vegetables in five servings of fruits and vegetables cause metabolic processes running smoothly. Defecation process even easier. Dirt that came out not too hard, and our bodies healthy. We avoid hemorrhoid disease; or for those who have had problems with hemorrhoids, can avoid a more severe condition (enlarged or bleeding).

5. The body becomes more fresh and energetic.

Number of vitamin and mineral content in fruits and vegetables making body. we are fresh and energetic so we were spared from viral infection such as influenza or other bacterial attack. We also know that the fruit is required for the recovery or convalescence after illness. Therefore, has become a habit to bring the fruits when we visit relatives or friends who are sick.

How healthy your diet? Have you consume five servings of fruits and vegetables a day? Does your fridge already contain vegetables and fruit as a snack when you are hungry? Is your favorite fruit and your favorite vegetable?[]

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