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Quite a spoonful of Iodized Salt

Deficiency or excess consumption of iodine can cause thyroid disorders. So how many doses of iodine consumption should we eat?

Based on international standards used in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the maximum iodine intake for someone of about 150 mikogram (mg) per day. Now, to meet, according to Mulyadi Tedjapranata, Medizone Clinic Director of South Jakarta, can be obtained from consuming one to one and a half tablespoons of iodized salt.

But it turns out, though just need to consume less, there are still many people suffering from disorders caused by iodine deficiency. Mulyadi said, this deficiency usually occurs in people who lived in the mountains. "Based on international statistics, currently there are still 2.3 billion people around the world experience a lack of iodine," said Mulyadi. Unfortunately, in Indonesia, there are no supporting data.

Now, to meet the iodine intake, you do not have to fill it with salt consumption. You can get iodine from other foods such as seafood example fish, squid, and shellfish. Iodine is also found in other foods such as eggs, milk, and meat. Only, the content of iodine in the diet is not as much as iodized salt.

But keep in mind is, salt or any material that foods containing iodine should not be carelessly cooked. You see, if carelessly cooked it, the content of iodine can be reduced or lost. As a result, even if you eat salt or food containing a lot of iodine, you will still lack this substance. Finally, you get even just taste salty, without substance that benefit the body.

You need to remember, iodine is a substance that quickly evaporates. If exposed to sunlight, iodine in salt content of fast evaporating. Similarly, if the tangent to the other heat when cooked, iodine also evaporates quickly. In addition to cook correctly, iodine should be consumed early. Iodine intake is needed since I was in the womb because iodine is closely related to intelligence.

A child is potentially suffering from mental disabilities, if the mother during pregnancy and iodine deficiency. Just for information only, iodine is associated with the growth of the brain-forming cells, namely neurons. "Because of the lack of iodine, the growth of brain cells and causes stunted children are also mentally handicapped," said Mulyadi. (Cash/Sanny Cicilia Simbolon)[]

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