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Vegetable Consumption Rate Still Low

Compared to neighboring countries, the consumption of vegetables in Indonesian society is low. Though eating healthy vegetables and can prevent the spread of various diseases digestive function disorders.

Director of Medicinal Plant Cultivation of Vegetables and Horticulture at the Directorate General of Ministry of Agriculture 'Yul H. Bahar' reveals, the current per capita consumption of vegetables Indonesian citizens only 40.6 kilograms per year. Far below the rice consumption reached 139 kg per year.

In addition to cultural factors, low consumption of vegetables was also due to the massive rise in public awareness to consume vegetables that nourish the body. The main menu is still dominated by carbohydrates.

Per capita consumption of vegetables 'Indonesian citizens' distant comparison 'China' which reached 270 kilograms per year, Myanmar's 80 kg, 49 kg Malaysia, the Philippines is 55 kg, 120 kg of Singapore and India 50. FAO recommendation for vegetable consumption per capita 73 kg.

In other countries the consumption of major vegetables in the form of salads. Eating vegetables than healthy body will also encourage the enthusiasm of the cultivation of vegetables. So that will increase farmers' income and promote national economic growth.

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