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Children Swallowing Toothpaste, Is it safe?

When teeth first appear, since that's dental care 'toddlers' begins. The trick is to teach toothbrushing. However, in learning to brush teeth, young children often swallow toothpaste. Secure is this?

Toothpaste for children in general contain ingredients that is safe if swallowed. "Fluroide and other materials are usually very few in number. After all the existing rules on maximum levels," said drg Arma Sastra Bahar from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia.

To prevent swallowing of toothpaste, children can be taught how to rinse well and teach them not to swallow the rest of the mouthwash. "If swallowed would not be all, are safe," added drg Arma.

The most important thing is to cultivate healthy habits in children, ie brushing your teeth twice a day. Prepare at least two minutes to brush her teeth. Parents can help by way of brushing their teeth together in front of the mirror. Do not forget to give praise when the child was about to brush my own teeth.[]

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