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Caring Children Dentistry, key is habituation

The concept of personal hygiene should start implanted as early as possible. One should start the habit of brushing twice daily, morning and evening. This habit is instilled so that the child shall diligently cleaned his teeth later.

Lack of dental care to your child's teeth can cause a severe risk. Starting from cavities, porous, and tooth-colored black. In terms of aesthetics or even missing teeth grow crooked crowded and can reduce the child's confidence.

Prevention of these conditions actually very easy, namely by maintaining dental hygiene. Activities of brushing twice daily, morning after breakfast and at night before bed, shown to reduce damage to your child's teeth.

The problem is, the children always feel uncomfortable tooth brushing activities. Drowsiness at night also causes the child to brush his teeth before bed lazy. Therefore, parents should be patient and consistent in instilling the habit of brushing teeth.

"Applying habits in children is needed its own technique. The way the main thing is to create environments and activities that are fun for kids," says child psychologist, Fabiola Priscillia, at the campaign launch Brush teeth morning and night, which was initiated in Jakarta some time ago by Pepsodent.

Parents can teach children the importance of cleaning teeth in the morning and evening with an inspiring and enjoyable way. However, most important, of course parents are giving concrete examples. "Let your child see you enjoy brushing their teeth so that the child will perceive a toothbrush as a fun thing," says Fabiola.

The examples studied by the children of the people around him will be more controlled when accompanied by exercise. Therefore, do not expect a direct toddler skilled soon taught to clean his teeth. Allow it to understand and then practice them.

Ersamayori of experience, the presenter and mother of Aiska (5) and Talula (1) may be an inspiration. "Initially I often quarrel with Aiska when teaching him to brush your teeth. Then we began to teach them how to brush your teeth through the game. It Aiska like. We also never told him to brush your teeth, but set an example. Now he includes diligent brushing and teeth very good condition, "she said.

Parents could also be activities to attract children to brush their teeth with a toothbrush with a way to provide interesting images, creating an atmosphere of fun, often engaged in brushing their teeth together, and do not forget to give compliments on their behavior.

In addition to brushing your teeth, your child's teeth should be sent to the dentist at least six months, especially during the turn of the milk teeth to permanent teeth. Good dental care for children!.

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