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Porridge Harisah, Enhancer Stamina and Male Vitality

Porridge Harisah, is the popular cooking in Middle Eastern societies. Many people believe that is a typical aromatic pulp that can add stamina and vitality of men.

Hj Anisah Sutrisno, the owner of Porridge Harisah food disclose a key ingredient in porridge Harisah. Start mutton, wheat, rice flour, glutinous rice flour, garlic, pepper, ginger, cloves, kapulogo, shortening and oils.

"Manufacture, goat meat cooked on the stove and banana leaf-covered ground plate large saucepan for about five hours. After cooked the goat meat, then add oats and mix up to separate goat meat from the bone, after the dough is quite tough. Only later on add and glutinous rice flour and other ingredients mix evenly into one, "said Anisah.

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