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Laughter The Best Medicine

Laughter The Best Medicine - Laughter is the best medicine to reduce pain. Moreover, if carried to laugh out loud, the effect is much larger than the laughs are on hold.

When we laugh, the body will release hormones that affect pain signals caused by physical illness or psychological stress to the brain so the pain will be reduced. This substance will also cause feelings of pleasure.

Hormones are involved in this case is especially endorphins. The same hormone released when we do sports like running, swimming, yoga, and so on.

Scientists from the UK conducted a study to determine the reaction of the body when we laugh. They recruited participants for the following two types of tests.

The first test is to watch a comedy show from the movie of "Mr. Bean", the series "Friends", or non-humorous impressions like a documentary about animals and the game of golf.

The second test is: watch the direct action of the comedian (stand up comody) or theatrical drama. In this second test, before watching them asked to do a hard workout, like sitting on a hard bench, or standing in a certain position, which essentially causes pain or soreness.

The result, within 15 minutes after watching the action of the comedian to laughter, the participants claimed that the perceived pain was reduced to 10 percent.

According to Robin Dunbar, one of the researchers, not all comedy impressions produce the same effect. "When watching a comedy, a situation they laugh three times more often than the smart comedy," he said.

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