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FDA Panels Reject Anti-fat pill

The experts who are members of the Board Panel of The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to assess the pill to arrange artificial body Vivus Inc. has greater side effects than benefits. Therefore, they do not recommend that the FDA gave permission for circulation pill is long overdue.

Although not unanimous, 10 votes vs. six, the management entity named Qneka pills are considered to have major side effects, especially on long-term use. Indeed these drugs can reduce weight by 10 percent, but the benefit was considered not worth the side effects.

In research done by drug manufacturers, are known to study participants reported any side effects such as memory loss, suicide, heart pounding, and the effects of defects in the fetus.

"Side effects are very serious and could endanger lives. Of course it's not worth the benefit of these drugs in reducing weight," said Chairman of the Board Panel Kenneth Burman of Washington Hospital Center.

Although the new FDA will make a decision in October 2010, but the manufacturer claims the drug is disappointed with the decision of the Board Panel. When will the FDA decide to conduct additional studies, confirmed the company had to spend money again until millions of dollars and the result is known in a few years.

With a high population of obese people in America, which reached 35 percent, doctors and patients say, needed pharmaceutical drugs to inhibit obesity. Even Wall Street analysts who assess the usefulness of drug would not so big seller in the market.

Qneka is a combination of two older drugs, namely amphetamine phentermine and topiramate, an anticonvulsant drug sold by Johnson & Johnson. According to the manufacturer, phentermine help suppress appetite, whereas topiramate make patients feel more full.

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