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Soy Milk Good for Diet

Soy milk is not less nutritional value than cow's milk, even cheaper. Another advantage is not fattening and can be consumed by those who can not drink cow's milk. Soy milk is also an excellent source of phytoestrogens for women.

Soy milk or nut milk is also known as the beverage is not foreign to us. It is unfortunate if the soy milk until now only used as a relieving thirst.

In fact, the nutritional value of soy milk from dairy cows is not lost. When the price of milk soared, many people who prefer to stop the consumption of dairy milk than replacing it with alternatives such as soy milk. Drinking milk must be a habit. At least in a day we should consume a glass of milk.

Soy milk can be a solution for those who can not consume cow's milk with a variety of reasons, such as allergies, lactose intolerance, or because of economic factors. Soy milk can also be a substitute for cow's milk variety of menus to avoid saturation. One thing is for sure, the nutritional value of soy milk from dairy cows is not lost.

Not Ordinary Drink
Soy milk is highly nutritious beverage which was initially developed in China. These drinks are well known in the 2nd century AD From China, soy milk and then evolved into Japan. After World War II, soy milk became popular in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

In Hong Kong, soy milk is better known by the name vitasoy. In Singapore and Malaysia, famous for its soy milk vitabean name. In both countries, soy milk has been cultivated commercially since 1952. In the Philippines, popularly known as philsoy. In Indonesia, soy milk was originally sold by the roadside flora. In recent years, soy milk in cardboard boxes or bottles, many on the market.

Judging from their nutritional value, no less soy milk from cow's milk. Therefore, soy milk can be used as a substitute for cow's milk. Two glasses of soy milk consumption has been able to meet 30 percent of daily protein needs. In 100 grams of liquid soybean milk contained 3.5 grams of protein, whereas in cow's milk is only 3.2 grams per 100 gram.

Soy milk protein quality no less than cow milk. Protein quality of soy milk in the form of a single food is 80 percent of cow's milk protein quality. This can be seen from the values of PER (protein eficiency ratio) of soy milk that is not much different from cow's milk.

PER value of 2.3 Soy milk, whereas cow's milk 2.5. PER value of 2.3 means that from every gram of protein consumed will result in weight gain as much as 2.3 grams in standard experimental conditions (usually done with the animal experiments). Higher PER value indicates the better quality protein.

Essential amino acids in soy milk contained in a composition that is almost complete and harmonious. Compared with cow's milk in protein, amino acid composition of soy milk with less in terms of methionine and cysteine. The main advantage of soy milk has the amino acid lysine is high enough. Thus, soy milk can be used to improve the nutritional value of protein from rice and other cereal foods.

Not Cause Fat
Soy milk good for those who want to diet, but protein supply in sufficient quantities. One of the advantages of soy milk compared to cow's milk is low fat content.

Fat in soy milk can not cause obesity because most are in the form of unsaturated fatty acids. Meanwhile, the fat in cow's milk is a potential animal fats cause the body to be elastic because they contain high saturated fatty acid. Another advantage, soy milk contains no cholesterol.

Although soy milk contain good carbs, only 12-14 percent of which can be used as biological body. Carb group consisting of oligosaccharide and polysaccharide groups. Oligosaccharide groups consisting of stakiosa and raffinosa soluble in water, whereas erabinogalaktan group consisting of polysaccharides and cellulosic materials which are insoluble in water, and can not be digested.

In general, soy milk has a good content of vitamins, especially A and B complex, except for vitamin B12. Other vitamins contained considerable amounts of vitamin E and K. Not wrong when during the many people who think that drinking soy milk can make your body young. Vitamin E and A is an antioxidant that can prevent premature aging. @ []

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