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Healthy body, with Sleep Without Light Lamps

When the dark night, our body actually collaborate. It's just that the situation is really dark, a new body to produce melatonin, a hormone that can be generated in the immune system that is able to fight and prevent various diseases including breast cancer and prostate cancer. Conversely, sleep with the lights on at night Day - no matter how small its rays cause the production of the hormone melatonin to stop.

Biologist Joan Roberts
, one of the scientists discover these secrets after conducting experiments on animals. When animals were given artificial light at night Day, melantoninnya declining and weakened his immune system. Apparently, light lamps - as well as TV - causes hormones to be very tired. Hence, in addition to saving energy by turning off lights when sleep is a natural way to improve the health of the body.

There are several things that can disturb your sleep:

1. Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol. Caffeine, nicotine can cause too much trouble for sleeping. This condition often experienced by coffee drinkers, smokers, and alcohol addicts.

2. Environment. Bang voice loud music, the sound of a noisy factory, sleeping with the lights burning brightly, it will cause someone to be a disturbed sleep.

3. Substitution of time. A change in the time between lunch and dinner, suddenly due to travel by plane. This can disrupt the circadian rhythm of human body.

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