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Healthy Tips to Make Body Fat

Healthy Tips fatten the body. Emang skinny body has not often make us confident, all sorts just his nickname, from the board walk, the foot of mosquitoes, worms, cungkring, begeng de es be easy, all of which make us feel inferior just want to hang themselves. lho? meant to fatten the body ..

If the count, more indeed many people [especially women] who want to take care of the body rather than fattening the body. Because according to research more girls feel fat than thin. But i also loh little girl/boy who was thin and want to fatten the body.

So, for all of you who want to be fat, follow these healthy tips, fatten the body follows.

1. Add a portion of Eating

Add servings you eat slowly [not direct, because you need an adjustment stomach]. This proved to be the most potent recipe for added weight. But of course you must consider the ability aja your digestion, not to outside of the limit digestion ..

2. eat 6x/day

Try to eat at least 5x a day. Morning at 9, lunch at 11, continues to clock 2. In the afternoon eating again approximately 5 hours, and hold evening hours seven. If it is still capable and still awake, eating again approximately 10 hours. It sounds really scary, but as long as you healthy foods and portions are appropriate, this trick can make the scales go up drastically.

3. Enough Rest

Eat a lot of useless if you can not body enough rest. So, set a healthy sleep pattern, at least eight hours a day. even if less than eight hours a day, you could be busyness disela2 nyur2 time to rest briefly. important to make the body you always in comfortable circumstances.

4. Sport

Sport is very important for the process of forming and keeping your body metabolism. So if you want to be fat, do exercise regularly .. Sports focus for the formation of muscle mass, such as fitness or body language. This is what makes your body more contained and shaped

5. 4 Healthy, 5 Excellent

Besides ngatur food portions and intensity, type of meals should also be considered. Do not arbitrarily choose the food. Find the appropriate menu Healthy 4 5 Excellent. Moreover, in order gemukin body, is very important milk tablets, you should drink milk 4x daily, especially whole milk.

6. Additional Supplements

Nothing wrong with adding your consumption of food supplements, appetite enhancer, or other vitamins that you can maintain good health.

7. Snacking

Proven snack and cepet naikin weight. So, if you want to fatten the body quickly, let's get into the habit snacking culture. Bring snacks everywhere, especially chocolate.

8. Honey and Fish Oil

To add your appetite naturally, you can eat honey ato fish oil. Besides functioning fitalitas body guard, honey and fish oil are also adding appetite loh ..

9. Many of Drinking Water

Drinking water emang kedengerannya not connect. But do not underestimate the first. The white water is very important for maintaining the health of our bodies. With drinking water our bodies healthy and make smooth digestion. If digestion was smoothly automated programs our body fat can be rapidly successful.

Avoid the following things:

1. Stress

Stress is the most important thing that makes losing weight. In addition, stress is also believed to be the medical world as the cause of various diseases. So, if you want a fat and healthy, keep stress yah ..

2. Tired

Tired of weight loss can also make a difficult climb. Would not eat as much as any on our bodies diforsir berpengqaruh continue without adequate rest. So from now on, your own body language perhatiin. Do not force your body beyond limits.

3. Drinking Soda

Soda making the stomach feel full faster when the stomach already feels full, so automatically we are not hungry anymore? So you should not drink beverages that contain soda, especially before eating.

4. Jump Eating Out Drinking

After eating you should not drink water directly. Wait a few minutes [eg 25 minutes] new drinking water. This trick can make you eat a lot and stay slim stomach.

Now that's healthy tips to fatten the body and the things that you should avoid, now you do not need to feel inferior again with a skinny body you that. You can also free pake black dress without fear of looking thin. With a healthy body and contains, you're also going to look more fres. Oiya, no side effects "you'll wasteful" because the snacks often and often to buy pants, coz its size changed-2. heheheee ...

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