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Origins 'Eye Surgery' and Contact Lenses

Eye surgery such as cataract surgery was first performed in 1748 by Jacques Daviel (1693-1762), an ophthalmologist in the kingdom of King Louis XV of France. Jacques hit by cataract lenses dissected from the cornea. No narcotic substances used in the operation.

Spanish ophthalmologist Ignacio Barraquer Barraquer (1884-1965) seeking cataract removal operation in 1917 with suction.

Other technologies are contact lenses made sketches of Leonardo da Vinci in 1508. He paints some kind of contact lenses. After that, various efforts made to make contact lenses. Even Rene Descartes (1596-1650) participating in the various experiments.

Origins 'Eye Surgery' and Contact Lenses

However, the first contact lenses that are sold to the public was introduced by William Feinbloom, a optometris from New York, United States in 1936.

Furthermore, the contact lens with double focus (bifokus-ed) is available to the public in 1982.

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