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Salad, Food Policy - Important to read

From - According to a note, salads and vegetables, especially lettuce is a type of high class food. Some call it a "food policy". Mr world of medicine, Hippocrates, believed that the salads are easy to digest food and has a cleansing effect.

At the time of King Louis XIV of France in the 17th century, have written about the salad, which reads like this: "I ordered a salad to everyone believing in me for a refreshing salad without getting weak, and without disturbing the calm, which is often what I call as durable makers young. "

The quote simply want to illustrate that the salad is a luxury food and is very prestigious, which becomes important for the aristrokat dish. In the tradition of the Western people eat, the salad was served to carry a variety of functions.

Until now most people know as the appetizer salad (appetizer salads). Usually a salad that was served quite mild, with a view to considering appetizing salad was served as the first in a series of menu dishes.

There's also called the side salads, which is a salad dish that serves as assistant principal and served food along with a main meal. There is another kind of salad being served as a main meal, called Entree salads. Usually consist of a protein source, such as chicken breast or beef, cut in thin slices.

Another type of salad is called palate-cleansing salads, served just after the main meal. Its function is to make the stomach feel uncomfortable. Another salad dessert called salads, which served as a dessert. Usually the sweet flavor of this salad, such as gelatin or whipped cream. (GHS/Widya Saraswati)

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