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UI Open Herbal Masters Program

Depok, traditional medicines such as herbal medicine in great demand by the public, but unfortunately research on the efficacy of this herbal medicine is still minimal. With the opening of herbal masters program in the department of pharmacy University of Indonesia is expected to be more and more scientists are researching herbs.

This UI herbal masters program is under the faculty of Mathematics and Science in collaboration with Martha Tilaar Group. Graduates are expected to graduate this herb can explore, develop and conserve the natural and cultural richness of Indonesia.

So that can be raised based products such as medicinal herbs in the country and abroad, as well as reduce the negative impact of herbal products that use the addition of chemicals.

"Typically the research done individually, because it required a combination of academic theory and research of herbal or so that it can improve the quality of herbs in Indonesia," said Dr. Ir Muhammad Anis, M. dist as the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, University of Indonesia in the inauguration ceremony of Master Program Green Garden Herbs and Science at the UI Assembly Hall on Friday (06/08/2010).

While Dr. Martha Tilaar said masters graduates is expected to conduct research and apply scientific principles in the utilization of natural resources, especially medicinal plants and aromatic cosmetics for health and aesthetics, so that it can account for the use of herbal medicine.

"Hopefully later be known scientific evidence of these herbal products, herbal medicine that could provide safe and can be used widely. In addition to herbal medicine can be a host in his own country," said Secretary General Kemenkes dr. Ratna Rosita, MPH.

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