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Chromosome Tests Ensure to Healthy Baby

Every expectant mother would want the birth to healthy children without birth defects. To realize these dreams, scientists have developed a way of detecting a normal embryo in IVF techniques so that only the healthy eggs to be implanted back into the birth. Thus, babies who are born healthy ascertained.

Detector of chromosome embryo is called chromosome aneuploidy screening that accurately detects chromosomal abnormalities in embryos. With this latest screening, cells that have abnormal chromosomes, one of which lead to Down syndrome, will be removed and only healthy embryos are selected.

In the IVF technique, normally 24 eggs retrieved from the ovaries to the husband's sperm cells fertilized in the laboratory. The doctor will look at the shape and size of the embryo is formed, then choose the healthiest embryos are considered to be implanted back into the womb. Unfortunately, these methods are often less accurate in choosing the embryo.

Another issue is physicians often choose two or more embryos to increase chances of pregnancy. As a result, frequent pregnancies, where it is too risky to the fetus and expectant mothers.

Through this latest technique of chromosome examination, the doctor will take samples of embryos is already five days and check each pair of chromosomes which are all numbered 23 pairs. Later, only the healthiest embryos are selected and implanted into the womb.

In a pilot study, 80 percent of women participants IVF (in vitro fertilization) that chromosome screening is successful childbirth. This success rate exceeds the average IVF success that only 20-30 percent.

In addition to ensuring a healthy embryo, this screening method will also provide a gap to women ages 40s are often difficult to get pregnant or miscarried.

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