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YLKI: lots of bottled water problem

As many as 11 of the 21 brands of bottled drinking water (drinking water) glass on the market proven problematic. This is evidenced in research conducted by the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) against the glass bottled water circulating in the community.

Deputy Food Safety Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) Roy Sparingga explain, in 11 drinking water that contained problematic with the number of bacterial colonies which pose a health risk.

"The border was 100,000 microbacterial in each liter, when it clearly exceeds could interfere with health," he said during the presentation of research results in the office YLKI YLKI, Kalibata, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (27/10/2010).

Of the 11 products are problematic, nine products have a colony of bacteria approaching a predetermined threshold, of 100,000 micro-bacteria per milli-liter. Meanwhile, two other products have bacteria above the threshold.

Two such products are brand AMDK with Sega, which is produced by PT Indotirta Jaya Abadi, and Ron branded AMDK 88, which produced by PT Panfila Indosari.

Roy added that the water problem will be more at risk if consumed by people who have low body resistance. "Especially for those who are immuno compromize, or who have health problems, so the body's immune system becomes weak," said Roy

From these findings, YLKI send notification letters to 11 companies that have a problematic product. However, that provides clarification to the YLKI only nine companies.

"I do not know why they did not respond to this. In fact, it is not harmful to consumers," said Sudaryatmo, Chief Executive of the YLKI.

Roy appealed to people more cautious in buying drinking water, especially drinking water in glass containers. "My advice, if you drink water when it is something do not smell of drink. If the color is cloudy also do not drink," he said.

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