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This 11 Brand "Bottled Water" Problematic

Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI), Wednesday (27/10/2010), released the names of brands of bottled drinking water is problematic.

From the test results of 21 brands of bottled drinking water (drinking water) glass on the market, 11 brands of which proved problematic. Of the 11 products, nine products containing bacterial colonies approached predetermined threshold, of 100,000 micro-bacteria per milli-liter. Meanwhile, two other products have bacteria above the threshold.

Two glasses of drinking water products that exceed the threshold are trademarks Sega, which is produced by PT Indotirta Jaya Abadi, and Ron branded AMDK 88, which produced by PT Panfila Indosari.

While nine bottled water products that otherwise nearing the threshold is:

1. Prestige (PT Tanahmas Tirta Lestari, Jabar) 2. Top Qua (PT Sumber Warih Sejahtera, Depok) 3. Airmax (PT Jitu, Tangerang) 4. Caspian (PT Cisalada Jaya Tirtamarta Indonesia, Sukabumi) 5. Club (PT Tirta Tama Bahagia, Bogor) 6. Pasti Air (PT Tang Mas Indonesia untuk PT Sumber Alfaria Tridjaya) 7. Vit (PT Sumber Sukses Sentosa, Bogor untuk PT Tirta Investasi, Jakarta) 8. Prim-A (PT Sinar Sosro Indonesia) 9. De As (PT Ravindo Rezeki, Bogor)

Note: The drinking water is studied by YLKI is: water bottled in glass.

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