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For Infants, Pick Kampung Chicken

Chicken meat into one of the favorites of the mother as a mixture of complementary feeding. However, should you choose chicken instead of chicken country. The problem though is the same in terms of nutrition, but food chicken different country and village.

"Food is natural chicken, chicken meal while the country was given a supplement and a variety of hormones. Well, these hormones are stored and accumulate or accumulate in the body," said dr. Dadang Primana, MSc, SpGZ, SpKO.

So, if baby chickens given country, indirectly, feed the chickens injected in the country will be consumed as well by the baby. "Babies like to eat foods containing these additives are straight out," said Dada.

The additive in question is on the food additives that make food more delicious, more flavorful aroma or that make food more durable. If Dad and Mom want to be chicken little country, according to the "Dadang" is okay. "But not too often, yes," the message. What is clear, if you want safe, preferably, hell, give it free-range chicken.

While chicken eggs, after the baby is 6 months old can be given the yolk because the yolk contains high protein. However, the frequency of administration is not necessary every day, preferably once a week. Because egg yolks contain cholesterol. "If it is too often given to infants, it is feared as an adult would be a high cholesterol level," said Dadang.

While the egg whites, in principle, be given. But earlier, Mr and Mrs need to know first, whether the child has a history of allergies. You see, egg whites can trigger allergic reactions.

"Egg whites contain a type of protein that can not be transformed into amino acids that can be absorbed in the blood. This is what can trigger an allergic reaction," said Dada.

Not so when normal infants are breastfed exclusively until age 4 months, giving the egg whites at the age of 5 months to top it does not matter. You see, the baby has gained substance antibodies from breast milk. However, the frequency of administration should not be too often, just once a week. As for chicken liver, according to Dada, it's no different with egg yolk.

Chicken liver is a source of high protein but have high cholesterol. "Baby, of course, require cholesterol but did not need much so that the frequency of administration only once a week enough." Indeed, amit Dadang, most mothers usually just mix the rice teams with chicken liver or eggs.

In fact, Rice baseball team that's okay, if mixed with chicken, ground beef, or-even fish. "In fact, if the baby would be given a chicken leg is fine, because the chicken leg also contains proteins such as chicken meat." But do not forget, for its menu changing every day, diverse, and vary.

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