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Importance of Nutrition For Body | Health Food Nutrition

Health Food Nutrition is a blog that explain about things related to health, especially regarding nutrition. Nutrition is an important factor in maintaining our health, that's why I try to give the articles about nutrition, so that we maintain our good health, and be healthy. :)

Nutrition is something that our bodies need in relation to the process of growth and development, healing is adequate nutrition. Meeting the nutritional needs will greatly help a person to maintain body condition in preventing the occurrence of a disease, maintaining body temperature in normal conditions as well as avoiding the infection process.

fulfillment of nutritional needs of the toddler and pre-school age is necessary to assist the process of growth and development of the child. Nutritional needs required at this age including the iron to prevent anemia, as well as vitamins A and C to maintain body resistance against a disease.


To maintain healthy body needs foods that contain special nutrients to cells and tissues and pathological abnormalities that may occur. In some diseases there should be changes to the food provided both quantitative and qualitative. In determining the dietetic therapy of a patient, to maintain nutritional balance to note the following:

- During the illness the patient will lose nitrogen
- Patients need enough calories to maintain weight
- Prevent nutritional deficiencies that may occur during illness.

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