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Mediterranean Diet Effective Lower Blood Sugar

Mediterranean Diet
Mediterranean Diet - Low-carbohydrate diet, known as Mediterranean-style diet is more effective than other low-fat and calories that are used to control diabetes. Similarly journal Annals of Internal Medicine reveals.
This diet not only lose weight, but also controls sugar levels, delay the need for reduction in blood sugar and reduce the risk of heart attack.

Mediterranean-style diet
usually means eating lots of fruits, vegetables, grains, reducing consumption of red meat and processed foods. While fat is obtained from olive oil.

Both the Mediterranean diet and low-fat diet recommended for weight in those with obesity as well as patients with type 2 diabetes. Even so, the study was to compare two types of diet is only a little.

Therefore, Dr. Dario Giugliano, from the University of Naples, Italy, and colleagues conducted a random examination of 215 patients with type 2 diabetes to undergo low-carb diet or a Mediterranean-style low-fat diet for four years.

The nutritionists and dieticians to check the progress of each month during the first year and two months in subsequent years. After four years, only 44 percent of patients with Mediterranean-style diet group who need treatment to lower blood sugar levels than low-fat diet group who reached 70 percent.

After a year, patients with Mediterranean-style diet lost weight more than any other group. In fact, the good cholesterol "HDL" sementera dieters increased triglyceride levels decreased. Of course this effect is very good for heart health.

The findings, researchers concluded, "exert an important message of the benefits of lifestyle changes in treating a particular disease rather than relying on drugs."

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