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Strengthen the Body, Stay Flu

Strengthen the Body, Stay Flu
Strengthen the Body, Stay Flu - The rainy season has arrived. Humid air temperature increase makes the body more susceptible to disease. Therefore, we must try harder to keep the immune system to keep it strong. What is a healthy action that had been done enough to protect the body from disease? Find out the answers of experts expressed the following:

Healthy Habits: Wash hands frequently
The word experts: Wash hands as needed. For example, when finished using the toilet, before eating, after visiting ais ill friend ,or after handling dirty objects . Which must not be forgotten also, wash your hands everytime we got home after traveling.

Healthy Habits: Always wash hands with soap.
The word experts: Wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. "Also of note is getting used to wipe hands dry as possible after being washed for germs and bacteria does not stick," says Harley Rotbart, MD, a microbiologist from the University of Colorado, as well as the author of Germ Proof Your Kids. Currently in public toilets, should dry hands with paper towels instead of hand-dryer.

Healthy Habits: Close your mouth when sneezing.
The word experts: Use handkerchiefs instead of hands. This was suggested by William Schaffner, MD, professor of medicine and disease prevention at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Healthy Habits: enough rest when sick
The word experts: an adequate period of rest is not only necessary when you're sick, but every day. This is the key to making the body's defense system against disease to function properly. The experts also recommended that we balance adequate rest time to exercise. Therefore, diligent exercise can help boost the immune system and white blood cell production, and reduce the risk of influenza illness by 50 percent.

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