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Unique Recipes from Different Countries to Solve Drunk alcohol

Unique recipes from Different Countries - Head dizzy and could not stand up straight is a symptom hangover from drinking liquor (alcohol). Apart from having to immediately stop drinking before vomiting and poisoning, several countries have traditional herbs to relieve symptoms.

Although to some degree, alcoholic beverages, especially red wine can be beneficial to health, the impact could be very bad if excessive. Drunk and vomiting early symptoms only, because if continued alcohol can lead to dehydration, blindness and even death.

Quoted from The Sun, Sunday (12/19/2010), here are some recipes from different countries to relieve headache due to drunk liquor.

1. Korea
Wine enthusiasts in Korea have a traditional recipe of proven hereditary relieve symptoms of headache due to hangover, which is a bowl of soup Haejangguk. Potions only consist of pork ribs, dried cabbage, cow blood that has been frozen, dried shrimp or dried prawns and some vegetables.

Secrets of alcohol drinkers in Ireland quickly so as not drunk was very simple, that ate half a dozen oysters while drinking alcohol. Oysters contain zinc (zinc), which increases blood flow so that it can counteract the effects of alcohol which tends to make the body weak.

Shamans magic in Haiti to teach the power of Voo-Doo to mitigate the effects of alcohol. Difficult to accept common sense, because it does not use any potions, simply by entering or re-cork the bottle cap into a bottle whose contents had been drunk. How strange, but reportedly powerful enough to prevent drunk.

4. Mongolia
Potion of Mongolia arguably the most disgusting, the eyeballs of sheep that had been acidified and then mixed into a glass of tomato juice. This herb should be drunk in one gulp if you do not want to choke or vomit because it's supposedly really like hell.

5. Poland
Poland know many recipes overcome drunk, but essentially the same that is used to neutralize the acid effects of alcohol. Some people use a very sour fermented milk, and often lead to problems in the stomach, but more popular is pickle juice mixed with vinegar or apple vinegar.

6. Ancient Rome
A general and philosopher of ancient Rome, "Gaius Pliny Secundus" aka "Pliny the Elder" teaches a unique way to cope with headache, by draping a series of leaf Parsley to the neck of people who are drunk. An alternative that also he taught was the swallow raw eggs mixed with garlic and olive oil.

7. Russia
As a country that has a tradition of drinking vodka held a national competition, Russia also has its own recipe to overcome the alcohol hangover. Quite simply because the only form of cabbage stew eaten with gravy after drinking alcohol in large quantities. However, before using the cabbage, 700 years ago, the drinkers in this area using the potion made from a mixture of dried eel and bitter almonds.

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