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5 Signs Body Need Antibiotics

5 Signs Body Need Antibiotics. This information is taken from KOMPAS.COM. Often when the body's pain signals such as nasal congestion, cough, or sore throat, we immediately look for the super drugs, antibiotics.

Antibiotics are very effective to kill bacteria (as long as the medicine matches the type of bacteria). However, 90 percent of respiratory infections, such as flu, is caused by a virus. Virus disease is a disease that healed itself within 5-7 days.

5 sign body need antibiotics
"Most upper respiratory tract infections caused by viruses, only a few are caused by bacteria. In fact, only 2 percent of sinus infections caused by bacteria and need antibiotics," said Lauri Hicks, medical director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Many faced losses due to excessive or irrational use of antibiotics. The most important is the increased resistance to killing of bacteria and germs that good and useful in the body. The place originally occupied by these good bacteria will contain bad bacteria called superbugs that are not killed because bacteria will mutate into a resistant germ.

Most bacterial infections do require antibiotics. Unfortunately a little difficult to distinguish viral infections with bacterial infection based solely on symptoms alone. In general this is the fifth indication when we will need antibiotics.

1. Fever
If you have a fever, shivering, and shivering, chances are you are infected with bacteria. However, these symptoms are also often caused by the flu virus. Therefore, according to Dr. Frank Esper, an infectious disease specialist children, if the environment around you a lot who are infected with the flu, your doctor will not prescribe antibiotics.

2. Long time of illness
Viral infection that lasts too long can develop into serious and invite bacteria, such as sinus infections. Indications are giving antibiotics if the cough and runny nose was sustained for more than 10-14 days and occurs throughout the day (not just at night and early morning only).

3. Color of mucus is green
Secretion of respiratory tract viral infection should be watery and clear. If the fluid has a green nose and thick, it is a sign of bacterial infection. However, often changes the color of phlegm and mucus becomes thick and kehijaun this is a clinical course due to viral respiratory infection. That is why, this phenomenon is not the primary indication of antibiotics.

4. Sore throat
Although the red throat and pain on swallowing, your doctor will look for signs of white spots as an indication of bacteria before prescribing antibiotics. Most flu symptoms started with a sore throat, but the sore throat that is not accompanied by other flu symptoms could be signs of bacterial infection.

5. Lab Tests
Bring examples of sputum or nasal fluid to a laboratory is an effective way to determine the presence or absence of bacteria. However, this bacterial culture takes at least two days and of course eat the cost. Therefore, doctors usually do not ask for this test, unless you are suspected of typhoid infection.

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