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Chili pepper sting, Healthy

Chili pepper sting, Healthy - Spicy sting on the tongue when eating chili often make people give up even though many are actually more addictive. No wonder if there is a term sour chili, which means that even if cured, but still looking for more.

Later known hot and spicy flavor of chili has many benefits for health. Capcaisin, chemical behind the spicy flavor of chili, in recent years attracted the attention of scientists to study in particular.

Chili pepper sting, Healthy
The scientists found a link between heartburn and spicy chili with an antidote to pain. Dr. Michael Caterina of the United States in his research group says capcaisin activate some nerves in the tongue, lips, and skin.

In this condition capcaisin responsible for detecting the existence of pain stimuli. In the future it is not impossible it will create a pain-reducing medication with capcaisin main content.

Aside from being a pain reliever, according to the explanation of Dr. Ari F Sham, SpPD, capcaisin also have anti-inflammatory effect, increased appetite, and overcome constipation. "Chili is able to increase intestinal peristalsis thus stimulate someone to defecate," he said.

Besides capcaisin, peppers also contain vitamin C, A, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. "Chili can increase your metabolism so that burning calories is better. This can be used for weight control," said a lecturer at the Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

In patients with an ulcer, spicy and sour foods are best avoided. "If the sick magnya improving, are still able to consume even small amounts of chili," said the stomach and digestive health consultant this.

Given the many benefits of chili for the body, Dr. Ari says not agree if the consumption of chili should be reduced because of increase in the price. "That someone would be more excited when eating chili," he concluded.

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